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Vandent training center is honored to be the first training and practice center for international trained dentists in western Canada. The main goal of Vandent is providing an active and helpful environment for foreign trained dentists who are preparing for various knowledge and clinical skills exams in order to be licensed in Canada. We are determined to select the best method and program which can boost the participant's skill and confidence in Canadian dental exams.
Our instructors are experienced dentists who have passed the NDEB equivalency process successfully, or have been an academic instructor for several years.
We hope to establish a center which helps our colleagues to interact and exchange their knowledge, ideas, and experiences.


This course at Vandent is definitely the best and a must for all candidates who wants to participate in the ACS. There is enough time to really grasp what your work should look like and then more important, have time to practice to be perfect. That is all the exam is about, to be perfect. Vandent gave me the perfect environment and support everyday to try and be the best I can, and with hard work and a lot of effort, it all payed off. Thanks Vandent!

Leana Lundt

I attended the clinical skills review course in April and May 2012. I think it is very beneficial for people that are skilled and need to learn the finer details of working on Kilgore teeth as well as people who are unsure of their clinical ability. The course is very reasonably priced and I found it worth every cent. Dr Hakimi is a person of integrity. You never feel as if this is only a business for him. He really cares and want's each participant to improve during the course. He tries to provide the candidates with a complete list of instruments and equipment needed for the exam. The centre also has contact with two dental suppliers in Vancouver that will sell to internationally trained dentists. The participants are of a very diverse cultural group and it is great to interact with people from other cultures going through the same ordeal as you. Dr Hakimi also did the NDEB equivalency process and completed it successfully in 2011. The main advantage of the course is that you have 3 day's of lectures and 3 practice days every week. During the lecture day's, Dr Hakimi goes through the procedures as they appear in the protocol for the NDEB ACS. He does a demonstration and then the participants can practice the procedures on the Kilgore manikins. Dr Hakimi will give feedback to each individual participant on the procedure of that day. On the practice day's you can interact with other participants and get a pier review of your work. Dr Hakimi will review work done on practice day's during the lecture day's. You also get a chance to participate in one or two mock exams. Dr Hakimi will review and score your work using the NDEB ACS protocol. This course is a must for anyone taking the NDEB ACS exam.

Juanita Aucamp

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AFK 2014

A great success
Last year we have had a great success in our AFK course. %90 of participants passed the AFK with scores more than 80 and three of them got score more than 90.

AFK Course Registration

For Aug,8,2015 AFK exam, only one course will be conducted, starting in March. The registration is open now.

ACS Course Registration

Three ACS courses will be conducted in year 2015. ( Feb, March, and mid Aug) The registration is open now.

ACJ Course Registration

Only one ACJ course in 2015, starting in April. The registration is open now..

Participants who passed the NDEB and various university exams

• Afshin Moshtaghi
• Forough Endjavi
• Mohammad Tavakoli
• Fatemeh Basij
• Sang min shin
• Florentina Iimuro
• Sara Ghadiri
• Keval Patel
• Ivana Gojic
• Alexey Osipenhor
• Guillermo Bourget
• Lincy Sebastian
• Doochul Shin (NDEB)
• Juanita Aucamp (NDEB)
• Shivans Sidhu (US universities)
• Parisa pezeshkfar (U of T)
• Rostam Mehraban Shahriary (UBC)
• Kaveh Khodadadi (NDEB)
• Leana Lundt (NDEB)
• Paul Dhillon (NDEB)
• Rania Ataia (NDEB)
• Sumeet Saini (NDEB)
• Yungbok Kim(NDEB)
• Biju Gopinath (Dalhousie University ,Halifax)
• Shivans Sidhu (U of Bufallo, USA)
• Anastasia Gorobtsova (UBC)
• Gagandeep Saran (UBC)
• Ramandeep Kaur (U of T ,Toronto)
• Bin Xie (NDEB)
• Anwar Al-Ggertani (UWO ,London, Ontario)
• Shruti Jain Chahal (NDEB)
• Mahsa Oonchi (NDEB)
• Mhdi Bordbar (NDEB)
• Piyush Heda (NDEB)
• Eiman Keshvarinia (NDEB)
• Neda Dibaji

What we offer

What we offer?
NDEB clinical skill training program
NDEB clinical judgment introductory program
UBC preparatory course
FKA study group
Private teaching for Canadian and US universities, and bench test
Practice session

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"The centre offers everything one needs to practice effectively. The peer feedback and the environment as a whole proved invaluable to me."

Paul Dhillon

The course was very useful for me as I was not doing clinical skills for so many years. I am getting ready for universities so I got the basic knowledge so I will practice a lot and will do well. you are very good and calm instructor. It was a great thing to come here as you see lots of competition around us. thanks for helping and keep in touch.

Gagan Deep

In this Vandent training centre I learned a lot. It was wonderful experience. Now I know basic things and know what is right,but I need lots of practice. I like the way of Dr. Hakimi teach. He is very good teacher very helping person. Thing in this training centre as compare to other is that students number is very less and every body have access to instructor.

Raman Deep

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